Get off to the right start.

As 2-time Tour winner Franklin Langham said, "If you can get off to a good start and get some steam rolling before you get to the back nine, it can get your day off to the right start."

That's where we come in. Front9 Design can help you put your best face forward. Any good organization knows that its public perception begins and ends with its branding and marketing. A golf course is no different.

A logo is the foundation from which the face of your course is built. A strong logo is what any marketing and online projects are built upon. It's also the most widely used and most commonly seen by those who research your course, and those who play your course. If well made, over time it will become synonymous with your course.

A website is the workhorse of a solid branding and marketing effort. The website is available 24-hours a day, any where in the world to anyone who wants to get to know your course better. It combines the logo and branding, the imagery and messages of print marketing and wraps it up with a wealth of information covering your course from head to toe.

Printed promotional pieces for your course are the icing on the cake. You've built a solid foundation with a strong, recognizable, and memorable logo. You cast a wide net with an eye-catching, accessible and informative website. Now is the time to utilize printed items to tell your target audience exactly what you want them to hear about your course. Anything from clubhouse brochures to a postcard sent out to recent guests gives you the opportunity to make your golfing experience a memorable one.

Get started with a website.

What makes a website successful is creating a visually appealing presence that functions in all browsers while maintaining acceptable download times for all features and files. On top of its functionality it must be highly ranked in search engines. Furthermore the imagery and messages must serve as an extension of your course or club's image and identity.

Presence is the ability of a company or organization to provide self-assurance to the user and permits an organization to effectively connect with its target audience. Web Presence is the establishment of your organizations identity and marketing strategies utilizing your website as the delivery mechanism for your message. Presence, and a successful one are much more than simply existing. Presence is the ability to exist and make your peers and constituents stand up and take notice of what you put forth.

That is why you need your website to lead the way. More and more courses appear on the radar of the everyday golfer, and as a result, it becomes increasingly difficult to get their attention and keep them coming back to your course. A strong presence is what will leave a lasting impression.

The approach of each of our projects is centered on our customers. This may go without saying, but it's your project first and foremost. Our most valuable asset is your input and feedback. And our success is measured by your satisfaction and the success of your course or club. You'll be dealing with the same members of our team from start to finish once you agree to utilize our services. We bring the same focus and motivation to a project that you would expect from one of your own employees.

Get started with the right branding.

You may not realize how important your organization's logo is. It is so prevalent that it's often overlooked. But not caring about it is often the first marketing mistake that any company or organization can make. Your logo is the first thing that customers, suppliers, potential customers, employees and members of the press see. It appears on everything from your letterhead and website to your scorecards and maybe even your tee boxes. Every individual that comes in contact with your course is reached in some way, by your logo. So now that you know how big of an impact your logo can have, don't you want to ensure that it gives your course the best possible start? Of course you do, and so do we.

Your logo should convey something significant and unique about your organization. If you utilize a symbol it should exhibit some image that relates to your course, your region, your membership or something else that represents the greatness of your course.

Your logo should also be simple. And simple is different from simplistic. You can convey complex imagery, thoughts and ideas in a simple logo. Take some of the big ones; Apple, McDonald's, Nike and Target. Each one of their logos conjures up enough information to fill a book. But each one is simple enough that any person, artist or otherwise, could draw the logo with a pen on a napkin. That's the power of a clean, simple logo.

Get started with effective print work.

It is imperative that any company builds a cohesive and coherent theme and message to be delivered throughout all of their branding and marketing outlets. A golf course or golf club is no different. The advertising materials, website, and printed pieces - like brochures and scorecards - should all work together to promote your course in the same light.

Of course the start of this is a strong brand. Your brand and identity appears everywhere and is seen by everyone that has any contact with your organization. To help build your brand into the basis of a strong branding and marketing campaign we offer several services to assist with this including; naming, logo/corporate identity design, branding and identity campaign, print advertising and collateral design.

When building an advertising campaign we make sure to always keep the basics of the theme and company perception that you are trying to portray. Successful branding is built by putting your brand in front of your constituents, making sure your brand is remembered and by generating repetition of your brand image.

We know that your brand is your greatest commodity. Everything we do for your organization is with the motivation of forwarding your brand and your brand message. So whether we're creating your new brand from scratch, or building a website or marketing materials to forward your current branding message we work just as hard, if not harder for you, as any of your own employees would.

Front9 Design specializes in web design, branding and advertising for the golf industry.